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The need for structures –typically bridges and piers – that last one hundred years or more with little or no maintenance rather than the much shorter design life used so far is now widely accepted as cost saving for the community.

Stainless steel reinforcing bar in concrete is increasingly used as a straightforward and reliable way to resist corrosion and to provide the adequate service life.

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Free webinar: Stainless Steel Reinforcement

Stainless steels are a highly durable and sustainable family of corrosion resistant materials. For many decades stainless steels have been one of the primary materials of choice in food and drinks processing, chemical process plant, domestic appliances and tableware, healthcare, architectural applications and the mobility sector. The use of stainless steels in the building and infrastructure (B&I) sector is slowly growing but it’s use is still less than 1% of the total annual steel consumption within this sector.

As we have to accommodate the ongoing effects of climate change coupled with replacing degrading structures built 50+ years ago, we need to think about using different materials to ensure our buildings and infrastructure can last with minimal maintenance for more than 125 years. Life-cycle thinking should therefore be at the heart of how we develop our urban settings and wider infrastructure. The selection of resilient and sustainable materials should be part of this thinking process whilst still using our cash wisely.

Stainless steels are one of the ultimate low or zero maintenance materials therefore if you would like to learn more about how reinforcement by selectively using stainless steels can provide us with safe, sustainable and cost-effective structures over the long term, please join Tim on Thursday 28 September 2023 for an enlightening educational experience.


Both sessions are identical to cater for all interested parties on a global level. You can contact worldstainless at education@worldstainless.org for more information.