Where to use stainless steel rebar?

Stainless steel rebar should be considered in the following cases:

In corrosive environments:

  • Sea water and even more in hot climates
    • Bridges
    • Piers
    • Docks
    • Anchors for lampposts, railings, ...
    • Sea walls
    • ...

The most critical area is the splash zone, i.e. providing frequent wetting and aeration

  • Deicing salts
    • Bridges
    • Traffic overpasses and interchanges
    • Parking garages

Parapets and bridge decks are particularly exposed to corrosion

Waste water treatment tanks

Desalination plants

In structures with a very long life

  • Repairs of historical ┬ástructures
  • Nuclear waste storage

In unknown environments in which

  • Inspection is impossible,
  • Repairs are almost impossible or very expensive

In seismic areas, a weakening of the reinforced concrete structure due to corrosion is not acceptable, as it may collapse in the event of an earthquake.