In Europe stainless steel rebars have been widely used since the mid-80s. In North America, their use in highway bridges has been steadily growing since the mid-90s. Below, you can find some examples of structures that have used stainless steel rebar.

Railway platform repair  (2022)

EN 1.4362 (AISI 2304)

I-74 Mississippi River Bridge  (2021)

2507 super duplex

Tintagel Footbridge  (2019)

UNS S32205

Rehabilitation of Santiago Church  (2015)

Duplex EN 1.4482, AISI 304

Bayonne Breakwater  (2014)

EN 1.4362

Buddhist Temple  (2013)

LDX 2101® rebar

The Driscoll Bridge, NJ, USA  (2012)

Type 316L and Alloy 2205

Hastings Bridge, MN, USA  (2012)

Lean Duplex UNS32304

Gateway Bridge  (2011)

LDX 2101®

Stonecutters Bridge Hong Kong   (2009)

Duplex steel 1.4462 (S32205)

Haynes Inlet Slough Bridge, Oregon, USA  (2004)

Alloy 2205 rebars (400t; 363,000kg)

Bridge Crossing the Middlefork of the Flathead River  (2002)

AISI 316LN or 2205 reinforcement and related hardware

Schaffhausen bridge  (1995)

Stainless Steel