Coastal Protection at Cromer, UK

Cromer is an important seaside town on the North Norfolk coast. It became popular in Victorian times with the rise of the railway, and has remained so with the help of iconic Cromer crabs and the Pier.

Cromer is protected from the erosive power of the North Sea through a series of coastal defences which include a seawall and timber groynes, which are periodically repaired. Following the major storm of December 2013, a large repair work has been carried out. It includes re-facing the existing sea walls with concrete, improving the parapet walls where necessary and repairing the timber groynes, at a cost of approximately £8m.

These repairs have been designed not only to maintain the existing level of defence, but also to withstand 50 years of predicted sea level rise. In order to achieve this objective, 335 tonnes of duplex stainless steel grade 2304 reinforcing bar were used.

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