Tintagel Footbridge

In order to provide long-term durability in this marine environment, as well as high strength and a sparkling appearance, important elements of the bridge were fabricated from 20 tons of nickel-containing duplex 2205 stainless steel (UNS S32205). It was used for the diagonals linking the upper and lower chords, cross-beams, bridge deck bracing and the parapet as well as two 50 mm diameter x 430 mm deck alignment pins, machined connection blocks for the cantilever sections, polished bars (30-65 mm diameter) linking the upper and lower chords of the bridge, trays to hold the slate tiles of the bridge deck and polished components of the balustrade. 


Pictures by David Levene.

Text source: Nickel Institute (click here)

More information about the bridge can be found here.